Hovland Realty is deeply committed to assisting sellers in every aspect of their property transactions. We understand that selling a property can be a complex and sometimes emotional process. That’s why we make it our priority to equip sellers with all the information and resources necessary to navigate this journey with confidence and ease.

Our experienced team of professionals is well-versed in the intricacies of the real estate market. We work tirelessly to ensure that your property is not only marketed effectively but also priced competitively to maximize its value. Trust us to handle the myriad details involved in the selling process, from staging and marketing to negotiations and closing. With Hovland Realty at your side, you can focus on your next chapter with the peace of mind that comes from knowing your property is in capable hands.

We recognize that every property and seller is unique, and our approach is tailored to meet your specific needs and goals. Whether you’re selling your family home or a real estate investment, we are here to provide unparalleled service and support. Let Hovland Realty be your trusted partner in achieving a successful sale and embarking on your next exciting adventure.


Why Should You Use A Real Estate Agent When Selling Your Home?

Selling your home is a big endeavor that should include working with an expert, a real estate professional. To compensate the agent for their time and expertise a portion of the money you receive upon the home sale will be used to compensate the real estate agent. Commissions are scary and can be difficult to justify when selling your home. Along with helping you stay objective an agent guides you through the selling process. Here’s a list of reason why you should use a real estate agent to sell your home.

  1. Real Estate Agents Possess Overall Market Knowledge: As you begin the process of selling your home you want to have an expert that can guide you through the process. A real estate agent has access to a variety of data about recent home sales in your neighborhood, which will allow you to price your home accordingly. Along with this agents can access your local MLS. Your home will be included in the MLS, so agents helping home buyers can be shown the various details.
  1. Real Estate Agents Are Trained in the Many Legalities of Selling a Home:  Selling your home is one of the largest transactions you’ll make, so make sure you don’t miss a step in the process. During the selling process there is tons of paperwork that needs to be completed. A real estate professional ensures selling your home will go smoothly and will also be able to alert you should problems arise in which you need to consult with a lawyer.
  1. Real Estate Agents Are Able to Network & Coordinate Showings: Putting your home for sale cannot become your full time job–it will be difficult to get home from work for showings, make flyers, etc. A real estate agent becomes your marketing specialist and will be able to run open houses, set up showings, and other marketing activities to get your house seen by interested buyers. Agents are typically connected to other agents and able to provide referrals that help you get a quick sale.
  1. Real Estate Agents Assist with Pricing to Sell, Negotiation, & Inspections/Diligence:  Negotiating is tricky. While you may think it would be easier to not have the middle men (the buyer and seller real estate agents) the negotiation is not always easy. Be prepared. An agent acting as a messenger or bad guy in the process prevents any disagreements that could result in a deal being pulled from the table. Once you are under contract the agent will have many recommendations to assist with any final details to get you to the closing table.

Selling your home can be a long process that ends in a significant financial transaction. A real estate professional is a huge benefit to you during the process. The expertise of an agent allows you to better navigate the rocky waters and end up on the other side with a transaction with your best interests in mind. Please give Hovland Realty a call today if you are looking at listing your home.

What Does Hovland Realty Offer To Their Sellers?

Hovland Realty offers comprehensive services and support to our valued sellers. Here are some of the key benefits and services we provide to help you sell your property efficiently and successfully:

  1.  Property Evaluation: We conduct a thorough evaluation of your property, considering its unique features, location, and market conditions to determine its optimal listing price.
  2. Customized Marketing Strategy: We develop a tailored marketing plan to showcase your property’s best features, utilizing a combination of traditional and cutting- edge digital marketing techniques to maximize exposure.
  3. Professional Photography and Staging: We work with skilled photographers and staging professionals to capture your property’s appeal, ensuring it stands out from the competition and attracts potential buyers.
  4. Extensive Listing Exposure: We leverage our extensive network and online platforms to promote your property across multiple channels, reaching a wide audience of potential buyers in the SWFL area and beyond.
  5. Qualified Buyer Screening: We carefully screen potential buyers to ensure they are pre-qualified and serious about purchasing, saving you time and effort by focusing on genuinely interested parties.
  6. Negotiation Expertise: Our experienced team excels in negotiation, working diligently to secure the best possible terms and price for your property while protecting your interests throughout the process.
  7. Transaction Management: We handle all the necessary paperwork, documentation, and coordination with other parties involved in the transaction, ensuring a smooth and efficient closing process.
  8. Market Insights and Guidance: We provide timely updates and market insights, keeping you informed about market trends, comparable sales, and any adjustments that may be necessary to optimize your listing.
  9. Comparative Market Analysis (CMA): We provide a detailed CMA report, comparing your property to recently sold properties and active listings in the area. This helps you understand the market value of your property and make informed pricing decisions.
  10. Open Houses and Virtual Tours: We organize open houses and virtual tours to attract potential buyers and showcase your property’s highlights. These events provide an opportunity for interested parties to explore the property firsthand or remotely.
  11. Feedback and Communication: We collect feedback from prospective buyers and provide you with regular updates, keeping you informed about the level of interest and any adjustments that may be needed to enhance your property’s appeal.
  12. Local Market Expertise: Our team possesses extensive knowledge of the SWFL market,including neighborhood-specific trends, amenities, and buyer preferences.This expertise helps position your property strategically and attract the right buyers.
  13. Contract and Legal Assistance: We guide you through the contract and legal aspects of the transaction, providing you with professional advice and ensuring compliance with all relevant regulations and requirements.
  14. Timely and Accurate Documentation: We handle all necessary documentation, including disclosures, inspections, and other paperwork, ensuring accuracy and timeliness throughout the process.
  15. Strong Negotiation Skills: Our skilled negotiators work diligently to secure the most favorable terms and conditions for you, aiming to maximize your profit and protect your interests during negotiations.
  16. Relocation Services: If you’re relocating or selling a second home, we offer comprehensive relocation services, including assistance with finding a new property or connecting you with reputable real estate professionals in your desired location.
  17. Client-Centric Approach: We prioritize your needs and goals, tailoring our services to meet your specific requirements. Your satisfaction is our primary focus, and we strive to exceed your expectations at every step of the selling process.

At Hovland Realty, we are dedicated to achieving the best possible outcome for our sellers.Trust us to navigate the complexities of the SWFL real estate market, showcasing your property’s unique value and ensuring a successful sale. Let Hovland Realty be the key to unlocking your selling potential!

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Brehna has been making sure the entire process of buying a house is smooth and streamlined. She helped me right from the start from applying for the loan to signing the closing paperwork. She is a great listener, cheerleader and advocate. I had to do this process by myself and felt more confident having Brehna to guide me along. I’m very grateful for her professionalism and transparency.

Buyer Nilia

I talked to a couple agents and after talking to a couple more the knowledge Brehna had on getting my dream home was far more then I could imagine. She helped me negotiate the deal to my comfortable level of income not to hurt my finances. I’m so grateful, thank you Brehna. By far the best realtor in SWFL!

Seller Esmeralda

Brehna was awesome to work with! From the beginning when she showed me several homes, to closing on my eventual property, she was patient, thorough and extremely responsive throughout. Even when I ran into a major issue that jeopardized the purchase, Brehna was cool, calm and collect and reassured me throughout. The closing was only delayed by about a week thanks to her incredible work. Brehna was a pleasure to work with and comes highly recommended!!

Buyer Tom

Very prepared and encourage the right properties. I will be sending potential buyers her way, she stayed with me well past the closing. I bought from out of state and she middled everything that was necessary and more!

Buyer Joe

Brehna was very patient with us as we first started looking to buy a home not knowing what we actually wanted. She assisted us with the different areas and never pushed us into making a quick decision. She answered all our questions and was very helpful with our search and eventual purchase. We will definitely recommend her to any of our friends looking to buy in the area.

Buyer Nancy

In my opinion Brehna is an amazing realtor. She always made sure we were informed, returned every text and call almost immediately even if it was trivial. She worked super hard to sell our home and accomplished it. If you need a realtor who gives it her all than Brehna is your gal.

Seller Mike

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